Without process, there is no product. However, the robustness of a process is defined by company culture. And that is defined by the health of individuals.
Environments, where authenticity, trust and collaboration are promoted benefit from quality production, cost saving, increased profits and minimised risk.
The key to mature work culture is empowerment. Learn how to empower your people to own their development, their contribution and their relationships at work!

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Business Retreat
Shall you be looking to explore new perspectives with your team or to reset your practices altogether, business retreat helps you take your challenges off-site. At BizTreat, we work with a range of global experts and wellbeing instructors to help your team return to the office with new knowledge and actionable commitments to become even better at their job and beyond. Note: some of your team members might end up hooked on surfing or yoga. You can learn more on BizTreat’s website.
Burnout Management
I empower high-performing individuals to own their personal development. Using holistic approach, I guide clients towards energy mastery, stress management and living without limits. I rely on neuroscience, epigenetics, nutrition and quantum science combined with eastern philosophy and embodied practices. You can work with me through my 2-month burnout management program as well as through personalised coaching, remotely and in person in Bali. My services are suitable for those affected by burnout or as a prevention. Contact me directly for more information.
Team Coaching
I offer to coach on-site and virtually that covers a number of issue areas in teams: efficiency, productivity, engagement, process and innovation index. Get ready to evaluate the process you’re using, to review behavioural patterns of your teams and leadership and to drill down to your product and its purpose. Visit my Portfolio to learn more about how I helped other companies become more agile and human-centred – not only towards customers but also within their own organisation and build award-winning products.
Public Speaking
I enjoy sharing my experience and engaging in a public dialogue. Topics that are close to my heart include workplace learning and development, mental health in a workplace, business retreats, effective collaboration and future of work. I have previously spoken at Forbes 30 under 30, Internet Week Denmark, Founders Forum, Wayra London, Pearson London and I enjoyed moderation a number of public discussions. If you’re looking for a speaker for your event or for a private company event please contact me directly.