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How to Manage Burnout Effectively

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Burnout is not a physical collapse.

Even though most people notice it when it shows on the physical level, that’s not all there is. In fact, thinking so can lead us down the wrong track of burnout management & result in failed recovery and recurring burnouts.

Here’s how to do things differently 👇

To fix the physical burnout symptoms, most treatments focus on suppressing body pains, tiredness, anxiety, digestion issues, high blood pressure, etc. with antidepressants, beta-blockers, hormones, painkillers, stimulants and the scary list goes on.

Yet, burnout goes way beyond the physical. It is an incoherence between mind, body and soul.

How do we go about prevention, management and recovery of burnout that actually works?

1. We shed light on any unhelpful beliefs – guiding the student to become an observer and a conscious creator of new beliefs, thoughts and actions.

2. We activate the body – developing a unique energy generation & distribution system.

3. We align with the soul – creating a lifestyle of flow.

True Hero Activation! 🦸‍♂️ 🦸‍♀️

I’m personally guiding 10 professionals through 2 months of training with a goal to empower them in burnout.

If you’re fed up with feeling disempowered, message me to apply.