Life’s better in a bikini, or is it?

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Let me tell you why you and I are here.
I was born under a communist regime in Czechoslovakia. At the age of 19, after the already independent Slovakia joined the EU, I decided to leave my beautiful hometown called Martin and travel to London, United Kingdom. Within bare two months I realised I wanted to stay. I was hungry for new opportunities, which I didn’t have back home and London offered me more than I was able to imagine. I dived right in. The top of my agenda became pursuing multiple university degrees and climbing up the career ladder. It was the experience of my life. I’ve seen, heard and tasted an array of wisdom and absurdity over those 10 years.
The reason you’re reading this is that despite or rather because of everything I experienced, I’ve become a person who could no longer stay in the place I was. As much as London has brought out the best of me I realised that I wasn’t interested in its glitter, chatter and party anymore. Distraction, distraction, distraction! The biggest lesson I learned from this was that I didn’t like running on a treadmill of life. In fact, the running and the noise have become unbearable. I created a little #fuckthenoise antidote for myself, started escaping the city during weekends to go surfing, I swapped my wardrobe for cheap and simple clothes and debated with equally affected friends the issue of breaking ourselves into pieces instead of working on our wholeness and muchness.
The awesome thing was that this frustration stimulated me to search for my muchness. I looked for the moments when I felt truly at peace and when I thrived and felt inspired. I recharge in the water staring silently over the horizon, by carefully exploring a forest or a jungle, or through a physical activity that gives me chance to inhale and exhale deeply. I’m a small town girl and there’re so many great things about it. The key one is knowing it and embracing it. For this reason, I’m now on the verge to swim, paddle out and surf the waves that I choose and that come my way, instead of running on that treadmill.
I’ve finally decided to travel to the Southeast Asia to a small island in order to experience a life that’s radically different from the way I’ve lived until now. It will include wearing bikini, fighting mosquitos and working from a surf shack in over 30’C. I’m giving up my routine and my safety net comprised of an amazing job in one of the best digital innovation studios globally, my brilliant support network, loving family and friends, gym membership, access to expert medical help, shopping centres and apartment in the centre of a big city, from which I can reach most of Europe in a couple of hours. There’s a new kind of learning waiting out there.
I don’t know if life’s actually better in a bikini, but I believe that we all should take our time to listen to our inner selves and look for the small town girl in us. Grass may or may not be greener on the other side, but that’s not the point. It’s a trap anyway because there always will be “the other side”. The real question is:

Is the grass green right now and if not, how can you make it green for yourself again?

As much as I was terrified by the idea of staying in the reality I lived in, I’m scared of the things to come. I have no idea what will happen, but who does? The difference between the fear of unknown vs. the fear of known is that when you know what you’re scared of you tend to avoid it, which often blocks you from growing. On the opposite, the fear of the unknown triggers readiness, humbleness and hope, which is the ultimate learning formula. I know that all this will make me shit my pants for sure, but I’ll be able to laugh at it as I’ll make my way IntoTheReality, because that’s what dreams coming true should be about.