I appreciate all the opportunities and stories I’ve ever been a part of.



Whilst with Made by Many, I took on a big relaunch of the World Economic Forum’s public website, which hadn’t been renewed in over 5 years.
“It was a massively complex project, involving stakeholders all the way up to the very top of the organization, and we knew that the project would have to be very agile and delivered within only 6 weeks, in time for the Annual Meeting.” Jenny Soffel, Digital Project Lead at World Economic Forum
I worked closely with our development team and World Economic Forum’s digital team on the ambitious project of not only changing the website but processes within the organisation.
“Veronika was extremely organized, professional, skilled and friendly, and it was such a pleasure and big learning experience working with her. She successfully navigated any obstacles and was a great support to me in managing the stakeholders. The project was delivered on time, and on budget, and the product has since proven an efficiency gain, a design gain and a speed gain of our website that we could only have hoped for.” Jenny Soffel, Digital Project Lead at World Economic Forum



“Veronika was assigned to the team when I hired Made By Many to help Oxford University Press with a rather challenging EdTech innovation project. She was the product manager and championed agile thinking in the team – coaching the OUP team for whom this was a new way of working. ” Phil Johnson, Innovation Consultant
Within a three-month-long discovery and prototyping phase, we managed to identify a unique opportunity in the market for OUP and bring the organisation’s departments closer together. Until this project, there were rather few collaboration efforts and knowledge sharing across departments.
“Veronika is great to work with, full of energy and is very capable at balancing business/customer priorities. She has a particularly engaging style with customers, meaning that she is very effective at uncovering needs and testing concepts through research.” Phil Johnson, Innovation Consultant



Skype in the Classroom was the first project I worked on after joining Made by Many. I still consider it one of the greatest solutions to a real-world problem that I’ve ever worked on. Our priority, other than building a useful service for teachers and students, was to equip Skype and after the acquisition, Microsoft’s team with capabilities to continue innovating the product – through transforming their culture.
For a period of two years, Veronika was my day to day contact at Made by Many. Veronika was a strong partner to me as a corporate client because she involved me in the agile development process, giving me an opportunity to learn. The same held true for the pioneering design-thinking that was common at Made by Many. Veronika helped me to understand how they innovate the product using an evidence driven approach with constant input from users.
Veronika was also very consistent in putting the best interests of the product, this inspiring teacher community, first. She was able to effectively do this by offering me a high degree of transparency in terms of what was happening, while taking my priorities seriously, and giving me an informed opinion. Andy Schmidt, ex-Global Head of Social Good at Skype
Skype in the Classroom was awarded two Webby Awards, an IXDA award, a Core 77 Design Award, and a Lovie award.


“We want to apply Agile to marketing.” That was the brief I received before coming to deliver an offsite training for FedEx marketing teams in Hong Kong. Even though Agile was designed to be applied inside engineering rooms, it’s application is versatile, benefits are far-reaching – hence it’s increasing popularity in business.
My main mission with Agile training at traditional, waterfall-like management structures is to focus on the shift from project to product thinking. With FedEx, we focused on inspiring the current workflow they used with Agile.
Within a group of 15 people who came from a variety of different departments, we worked through Agile ceremonies simulations, a little bit of theory, and most importantly, a case study relevant to current interests of FedEx. Many have left with plans to graduate as Scrum masters. FedEx might have just secured itself a leaner and more competitive position in the market.



“A computer you can throw.” “Hardware as a service.” Development of a brand new product is always a huge unknown. Development of connected hardware that requires software, firmware and hardware to communicate across web and smartphone apps is a crazy ride. Our team took Hackaball to the top 5% of the most successful of Kickstarter campaigns, won multiple awards, and most importantly, delivered Hackaball into thousands of children’s hands.
It’s rare to meet someone who brings such energy and professionalism to her work as Veronika. I took over Hackaball from Veronika after its successful Kickstarter campaign, and was impressed by her deep knowledge of the product, her strategic understanding of building a new startup business, and her ability to lead and motivate her team. I highly recommend working with her if you have the chance! Seb Potter, ex-CEO Hackaball