Young, wild, free … and cold

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*To keep a memory of my previous project “Into The Reality” I kept this post for my own and your amusement.
People were giving me the “wtf” looks and I was smiling like an idiot amused by my own craziness, while holding onto the 7’0 surfboard on a double decker bus.
If you were wondering how some of the imagery on this site was created, look no further. Did it occur to you how come the streets which are usually flooded with tourists are empty? Here’s why. No one walks in front of the Houses of Parliament at 5am! Well, no one apart from me.
It’s now 7am on Thursday morning and I’ve just returned home from what was one of the silliest things I’ve ever done deliberately. I’m totally into getting up early when yoga or surfing are involved. However, knowing that I was going to walk barefoot on the Westminster Bridge with a surfboard under my arm, wearing only bikini and a rashguard in about 5 degrees celsius was a different story. That definitely made me slip into that “oh-boy, I’m not doing this” contemplation whilst still in my warm bed. I texted David to call it off but he said he was already getting on a bus. That was when I knew I had to.
The whole idea behind this photoshoot was to capture the contrast between surf culture and urban environment. Rather generally, I wanted to point out to the issue of urbanisation, the frustration of being locked in a city and not having the opportunity to enjoy the nature. It is also a demonstration of how I sometimes feel in the streets of London – like a stranger, wanting to go wild and free and maybe even walk barefoot – in my mind imagining what it’d be like if the Thames had a wave.
I’m not going to spoil this post by any more text. Here’s a couple of photos from our little adventure. Huge thanks to my partners in crime David, a brilliant photographer, and Tomas, who despite his hangover agreed to get up at 4am and became my hairstylist on the bridge.
Veronika Janeckova Veronika Janeckova Veronika Janeckova